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12 Aug

Digital transformation in the legal field, a reality?


When we think of transformation, we are paralyzed by the uncertainty of change, we are terrified of it, however, as Arthur Schopenhauer said: “Change is the only immutable thing.”

The world is constantly changing, and we must change with it. The reason behind the change is simple, every day there are new ways to use technology to our advantage and we create ways to use this technology countlessly. To enlist some of the ways in which technology has been used to our advantage we lay out these examples: surgeons can now operate through computers, using robotic hands to do less invasive operations, manufacturing companies incorporate machinery that manages to do the heavier jobs in a quick and efficient manner, companies are implementing robots, software programs that perform certain tasks that take time but are not difficult to perform, to streamline computerized work and give a better quality of life to their employees. The challenge is to accept change and use it for our advantage to move forward.

Now, speaking of the legal sector: What can be changed? There are several ways to implement technology projects in order to transform traditional methods of performing work. The traditional working way of a lawyer is a thing of the past. We are constantly changing and the client can now know the entire process of their procedure from a platform and can speak directly with its lawyers to request the status and adjustments to their processes. It is not necessary for the litigation attorney to go directly to the Court of Justice to find out the status of their matter, they can see it through the Court’s digital platforms; You can also put demands and promotions within the same platform. The legal field is facing a new situation arising from new digital business models and new emerging requirements.

The traditional schemes of law firms where the processes are too bureaucratic or the firm does not provide comprehensive advice to the client are being left in the past. The biggest problem of technological transformation in Mexico in the legal sector is the lawyers themselves, who refuse to change and do not understand how the process would change and even improve considerably. Traditional law firms find it very difficult to adapt to technological innovations. The old ways of doing business, are now staying in the past.

Putting it another way, the way law firms operate today is becoming obsolete by the advancement of technology. All law firms should implement ways to work through a digital strategy where the customer feels more informed about the condition of their business and can see real-time progress. The legal sector today is changing and we are in the process of adapting.

At Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández, we have been implementing digital transformation for a long time, we are pioneers in digital transformation. We are advancing with technology to provide better customer service and we can list the advantages of digitization that in we have concluded from our experience.

By implementing a business structure focused on digital transformation, we have concluded that the added value of our services increases by saving costs, we achieve greater operational efficiency, there is a reduction in time, we are able to give the client knowledge of the progress of the project in real time and we take advantage of the shared knowledge of all the members of the Firm. We can give personalized advice with a greater focus on each business structure.

It is a reality to think that technology is advancing and law firms have to follow the progress and transform for the needs of the world today. We trust that many of the tasks of a lawyer, such as consultancy or trusted advice, are things that cannot be replaced by the technological advance, but at Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández, we have the task of pursue capacitation and innovation through digital transformation to be able to meet the needs that arise.

Brenda Gonzalez

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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