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18 Aug

CISERUS: The new way to automate your legal documents


Increasing productivity and reducing costs are two of the top priorities for all companies. Today, technology has greatly promoted new and better forms of productivity that generate great savings and simplify processes and time reduction. In the legal field, the tools have become relevant for lawyers to perform better in the practice of their profession.

This, Mexico, like other countries mainly in the European Union, is in the middle of a renewal in the legal practice, due to the increase in legal technology tools (legaltech). Among its main characteristics is the development of functions that allow cost and time savings, as well as risk reduction.

CISERUS is a platform for the automation of contracts and legal documents designed on the web, which in a very user-friendly way anyone can generate a contract or various documents, accessing with a username and password from a computer or Tablet.

This technological tool known as “legaltech”, helps to solve the execution of professional services and processes with higher quality, lower costs, but with greater efficiency.

The main benefits that CISERUS offers are:

  • Time savings of up to 80% when generating a legal document contract.
  • No more bottlenecks, allowing other areas or internal clients to be enabled in the generation of their contracts.
  • Minimize errors or omissions, by automating legal criteria and filters.
  • Among many others.

Innovation in the legal sector is a fundamental part to enhance the services that lawyers offer, which is why lawyers must associate with technology, so that as our clients become more sophisticated we are obliged to create and design solutions and tools that enable process automation.


Javier Estrada Vega

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández


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