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24 Aug

The Lawyer of the Future: The Benefits of Legaltech


Technology plays a leading role today in the provision of legal services, both for law firms and for in-house lawyers, we detect it even in the authority itself that has been forced to depend on technology in order to continue with their labors.

As lawyers, we must understand that technology is an advantage over the already competitive legal services market and an innovative, reliable experience with more tangible and immediate results for Clients, those days when the use of technological tools could be considered as an unnecessary luxury in the provision of services, are over, the constant innovation and use of this type of instrument is a must that should be considered when comparing the legal offer by the Clients.

In addition to the above, we find the boom for just over two years in the “Tech” sector in Mexico in all areas from electronic commerce, software development companies to the new era of financial entities that we know as Fintech; Undoubtedly, if the legal professional you hire to carry out your project as a technology company makes use of tools that simplify legal processes that, in many cases can be tedious and complicated, gives added value to their service, even more so if the lawyer knows terminology, processes, etc., in this way the lawyer will be able to understand better the specific needs of this type of company whose core is often quite disruptive.

The lawyer of the present has to learn to automate with the help of virtual tools that are more accessible today, so he can dedicate his time to tasks of greater value for his Client.

Lic. María Galaviz

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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