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GP&H Suite

1 Sep

GP&H: Innovation, Trust and Results


At Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández we distinguish ourselves by offering our clients and collaborators a personal and different treatment, always taking care to be committed to the results in the right time of the projects in which we are working. Being our innovation one of ours pillars, we adopted the use of legal technology to optimize processes and tasks in the execution of projects to provide a better experience. With GP&H Suite, our digital platform, our clients have 24/7 access to their project information and different resources developed by the firm.

The catalogue of legal solutions are made individually of every project and characteristics of our clients we work with and our digitals platforms that allows the consumer to have a quick Access in order to have the results we are all expecting in less time, it is key to our operation, adapting ourselves in the right way to the needs of the current market.

A big difference of our legal firm is that we are committed with the methodology based in Legal Project Management, that allows us to get full visibility in every step of the Project, the task execution and the achievement of the goals defined with our clients.

We truly believe that the confidence and innovation are a key part of our work´s development and clients attraction, this is why, as we mentioned before, we have being preparing and constantly training in order to be updated with the most efficient and easy to use tools for everyone who trust the firm with their projects.

It should be noted that the very beginning in Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández we have being maintaining a Net Promoter Score of EXCELLENCE (between 75 and 100), this indicator shows the level of satisfaction and loyalty from our clients with the service they get.

At Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández, we have the business experience and vision to add value to the daily operations and strategic projects of your business. Excellence, orientation to the results and the right alignment of the legal strategy with the business goals of our clients are the most important to the firm in every process.


Antonio Quiroga

Gloria Ponce de Le León & Hernández

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