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GP&H Suite

22 Oct

New Normal: Remote Litigation


Since it appeared SARS -COVID 19 pandemic, everyone in the work area that we are carrying out has made changes in our daily habits, that is why in the Legal area and the Courts of Justice, they have implemented various technological advances, so that the claims or controversies can be developed according to the new guidelines where various Courts of Justice have developed programs or virtual sites to be able to present the briefs, claims, and review files.

The hearings of the different courts, whether in commercial, civil, labor, etc., can be carried out remotely through programs or software (meet Google, zoom) where the evidence and other procedures that in Normally, the parties should be present, but in these cases they will do so remotely, such as the actor, defendant, judge or witnesses.

Digital media will be the new future in justice, as now that we already have online activities and that society is constantly using them. Then, activities with the essential sanitary measures must be resumed in order to continue serving society. Now, the trials by Zoom or by videoconference could help not only to contain the virus, but also to make the administration of justice more agile, but it also entails an enormous expense for the Courts, which must be adapted so that the principle of procedural equality.

Due to the aforementioned, the task of the public servants attached to the Courts, the governed, is to support the efforts to ensure that everyone has access to prompt and expeditious justice, the administration of justice is respected as an essential activity .

Arturo de la Peña

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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