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2 Nov

Business Control: What isiIt and how its defined?


The business control, as many others dapartments in the organization, Works in an independent way and helps primarly to confirm that all internal processes are being conducted in accordance with the previously established. This is also de in charge of inform and point out the wrong ejecuted tasks and planning in order to correct every one of the internal processes of the company.

There are so many reasons to implement this, however, the one I would make special emphasis in this case would be i. identify and to correct mistakes, ii. Identify and adapt to changes, iii. Break up any threats and iv. Take new opportunities as they araise.

In every one of the previous reasons, the common denominator is that all of them are planning and movements that are made no matter the business activity of the company, because they do not depend in the operation of the company, but from the administration potentiates every one of the areas involved to get better and more efficient results in the different departments of the company.  

The business control has, among many others responsabilities, the enough importance to generate an extra value to the producto and/or services provided, mainly if this helps to interfer quickly and effective every one of the internal stages in wich relies the producto before the go out to the consumer.

In addition to the above, the business control has to be very timely because none of the mistakes or opportunities detected if they are not corrected quickly in every detail, ori f they are not detected at all and keeps the same basis. Here relly the importance of keeping immediate controls, where the team in charge for this functions are in posibility and well prepared with the tasks they are supposed to interfer. The above is going to help the business to take care of the end goal, if you see the business control as an Conduit and not as a end goal in order to be faster, more efficient and to have more quility in your final products/services that reach the consumer.  

At the end, as a final step in the business control of a company is the correction of every process found that is being wrongly executed, this reffers to a non existed situation in where can be detected a warkness/mistake in time and there were no solutions, every task and efforts would not bring any extra value without a corrective measure inmediatly. This would also helps to prevent mistakes in future processes.

Al lof the above mentioned in this article were the basic measures, but enough, to deal with a business control of a company, starting from the main reasons for wich it is important to implement until the final step or clousure with the modification of every weak point detected.

Antonio Quiroga Trápala

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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