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30 Nov

The most used type of companies in the current market: Limited-liability Company (S DE RL by its Spanish acronym) and Stock Company (S.A. by its Spanish acronym).


As the title of this document mentions, we will be able to visualize the type of companies with the highest occupation in the current market, which belong to the commercial branch and existing under Mexican legislation, based on the fact that, to create, or design any business or corporate entity, the way to do it is by turning it into a company depending on the service core, since this defines with greater certainty the legal regime that the company will have.

In Mexico there are two most common types of commercial companies, which are detailed below:

InformationLimited-liability Company (S. DE R.L.)Stock Company (S.A)
characteristics and objectMainly focused on the maquila industry, manufacturing, assembly, manufacturing, production, repair, import  Carry out any activity that constitutes commercial speculation
  Number of partners or shareholdersMinimum: 2 – Maximum: 50Minimum: 2 – Maximum: unlimited
Capital StockThe equivalent to seven hundred times the general minimum wage in force in the Distrito Federal  Can be incorporated with a capital of  MXN$1.00
Integration of Capital StockCapital SharesNominative Shares
Entry of and exclusion of partners or shareholdersThe transfer of shares requires the prior consent of the General Assembly  It is entered with the fact of acquiring shares without prior consent to the rest of the Shareholders, provided that the others shareholders have not exercised their right to do so and there are no causes for exclusion of shareholders
IncorporationPublic Deed registered in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce  Public Deed registered in the Public Registry of Property and Commerce
Liability of partners or shareholdersThey respond to the obligations up to the amount of their contributions to the capital stock.They respond to the obligations up to the amount of their contributions to the capital stock.
SummonsThey will be summoned by the managers; if they do not do so, by the Supervisory Board, and in the absence or omission of the latter, by the partners representing more than a third of the capital stock each partner at least, with eight days of anticipation of the assembly.It can be establishing the case in which a prior call is not required.
Administrative boardBoard of Directors or Sole Administrator, one or more managers, temporary or indefiniteBoard of Directors or Sole Administrator

Giselle Villanueva Chagoya.

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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