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22 Jan

The use of Electronic Signature increases in companies after Covid-19


Almost a year has passed since in March 2020 the Mexican Government and the entire world itself ordered the confinement of its population in order to avoid the contagion and spread of the new virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), this brought As a consequence, the closure of offices, schools, shopping centers, Courts of Justice and any other non-essential activity, which, as we know, continue to be closed to date.

This resulted in the almost mandatory acceleration of the use of electronic signatures, mainly in companies and Courts of Justice, with this, the development of technologies and applications (DocuSign, Adobe Sign, LegaSign, etc.) that allow the validity of the documents that are signed through them.

In a previous article we talked about the myths and realities of the electronic signature and from that date to today its use has increased considerably, since most of the companies, whether large or small, bet on the total digitization of the documents that they use daily saving time and costs.

The sectors that are benefiting the most from this tool are legal and accounting firms, insurance companies, the real estate sector, Human Resources departments, football clubs who have implemented the internal use of electronic signatures in their business model, becoming an essential tool, even improving communication between companies.

Electronic signature simplifies document workflows between departments in a company such as finance, operations, human resources, and planning.

It has become clear to us that, without a doubt, the habits of the world population since the COVID pandemic have changed, accelerating changes in the way of buying and consuming, in a study carried out by Forbes Mexico magazine it is indicated that the population is currently betting for consuming companies that prioritize health care and the environment, for example reducing the use of paper in their transactions, thus avoiding contact, so people prefer to digitally sign any document than physically.

In conclusion, the trend towards caring for the environment, zero contact between people, the growth of teleworking and the scarce mobilization among the population has accelerated the use of electronic signatures, causing a large number of large and small companies to adopt it. At Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández we have specialized advice on issues of electronic signature implementation for your company and its implications, we even have technological tools at your fingertips to facilitate the signing of your contracts and any other document. If you have any questions, come to us and one of our specialists will provide you with the advice you require.

Carolina Áviles

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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