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25 Jan

Challenges for organizations derived from the Home Office Regulation


It is well known for everybody that there are complicated challenges what the commerce is going day to day, from keeping al its clients, to deliver its labor responsibilities with their employees, with the new modification to the Federal Labor Law that came into force this month, there are new challenges added to the list in those circumstances where the employees spend at least 40% of his working hours in the modality of the home office.

These modifications obey a number of changes made by the conditions in which the employees are delivering his working hours with all the changes that the population in general has been obligated to take. This new modality of work, in most of the cases, generate more spending that previously was not in the budget, and also releases the employer from some payments that were made by him and for the moment there are no longer essential needs

In all these modifications made to the Federal Labor Law exists changes directed to regulate the home office, where the authority is looking to give the employee more facilities to be able to have enough tools to deliver with his labor responsibilities, where the next ones distinguished:

  • Payment for telecommunication and electricity. There refers only to the proportional part of what is consumed by the employee during his working hours and what is extra for staying home more time than they used to.
  • Constant training to complete successfully his working hours once they are installed with the modality of home office.
  • Those who gets disconnected after his working hours ended can not be penalized, however, there are the very tiny line between leaving things undone and fulfilled responsibilities.

 As in many cases, the way to make this work for both parties involved is to find the right communication and established a written agreement keeping in mind the extraordinary circumstances we are all going through.

Antonio Qurioga Trápala

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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