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22 Feb

Know the modification made to the protocol for the legitimation of Collective Labor Agreements


This Process is the new labor access key, which aims to prove that the workers know and support the content of the Collective Labor Agreements, which comes from the previous labor model, which are already deposited with the Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

This process will allow us, within a period of no more than 4 years, to have legal certainty that all Collective Labor Contracts in the country have the support of the workers. No union may exempt the requirement that workers who must know the content of their Collective Contracts prior to voting, and reliably express their support with the content, with free personal vote. Direct and secret.

The procedure is that the Union will inform the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, which will submit the content of the Collective Labor Agreement to the workers of a certain company, which can be verified by a Notary Public or labor authority, this will be done Through the website  https: //legitimació  then the call, ballots and voting records generated by the website will be printed. The employer is obliged to deliver a copy or a copy of the Collective Labor Agreement, 3 days before the consultation.

The union will post the call in visible places in the workplace and the union center, the vote being carried out in a very personal way and with a valid photo ID of the worker.

Once the vote is made, the union has a period of 3 days following the vote to send the result to the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare, who if in a term of 20 working days does not make observations, the collective contract of job.

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