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31 Mar

What is the Corporate Government and why do I need it in my company?


Inside each one of the areas in a corporation exists roles, responsabilities and different organizations for the proper performance and operations of these, there are also internal organisms that are in charge of reviewing every activities related to the company, the performance all together of every collaborator is what we know as corporate government in a company

We can start defining the corporate government as the module of organization and conduction of the relationships between the collaborators of the company, which is in charge of establish and coordinate the tasks and responsibilities that are held in the central organ of the company and with this achieve the transparency and equitable that matches the mission of the partners about their company.

Implement a corporate government in a company brings an endless of benefits, however, the most important and clear to highlight is the image given to the organization, partners, employees and third people interested in having a commercial relationship that will bring more job to the organization. The above highlights the fact of having a better organization benefits every party involved, giving the impression that a good organization starts from the inside of the company for whom are looking for a commercial relationship.

Besides the above, it is very important to highlight also the labor security that comes with having a proper corporate government to the partners, shareholders and heads of every company having the responsibilities well established and with just one vision of the business between their collaborators, helping the task destinated to every pillars of the company.

As complicated as it may seem, the corporate government is not a difficult job, however, it requires the professional advice who knows the structures and strategies for the correct application of this job method.

As a conclusion is our obligation to deliver the security and organization that starts from the inside of every company and it comes out for a better image, distribution and well performance that benefits the shareholders and also a third party involved in alliance or commercial relationships.

Antonio Quiroga

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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