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4 Jun

How to defend against the Hydrocarbon Law Reform?


On May 04, 2021, the reforms of articles 51, 53, 56, 57, 59 BIS and 86 of the Hydrocarbons Law was published, in which permits to transportation, storage, distribution, compression, liquefaction, decompression, regasification, commercialization, and Expenses to the Public of Hydrocarbons among others are restricted.

However, we must emphasize that those affected by this reform are the permit holders, that is the natural or legal persons owners of a permit for the authorization of the activities that can be carried out for transport, storage, distribution, compression, distribution and sale of gasoline, diesel and other fuel vehicles.

How permit holders can defend against this reform?

The defense of the case is the “Juicio de Amparo Indirecto” (judicial proceeding), for the above, the interested party must be a permit holder in accordance with the provisions of the Hydrocarbons Law, either by the publication of the reform, as well as permit holder is seen affected by said reform.

Giselle Villanueva

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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