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15 Sep

Corporate Governance, the importance of its adoption to institutionalize your company


When we talk about institutionalizing a Company, we refer to the adoption of organizations, structures, and processes that provide the company with great benefits, such as plans for continuity, stability, and corporate security for shareholders and investors.

Corporate governance guarantees an adequate application of strategies and regulations that bring with them positioning and stability of a company in the market.

It should be noted that companies, large or small, are, among other things, successful since they maintain a strategic structure in different essential areas such as their shareholders, administrative bodies, management and more.

Among the benefits that we can highlight of having a corporate governance that institutionalizes your company are the following:

  • Investors Relationship: if something is important for an investor at the beginning of talks with any company, it is being able to verify that it has structure in its documents, work projects and plans for continuation in the event of a contingency, this gives them security. with your investment and gives you perspective on how the business is going.
  • Public Relations: how to act before a media contingency, whatever the situation, is extremely important for any company, since not doing it correctly could be extremely damaging.
  • Continuity plan: The continuity of the company is of the utmost importance, both for its shareholders and for potential investors, employees and the economy in general, to have a continuity plan in which there can be transparency in the accountability of accounts, as well as the establishment of responsibilities and obligations for each area are among the objectives of this type of plan.

At GP&H we can support you to carry out an analysis and implement corporate governance that meets the specific needs of your business.

Maria Galaviz

Gloria Ponce de León & Hernández

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